Shape up your enterprise!

with Dov Tsal

Business is not as usual? how long can you keep it up?

Time to face the new reality!


Shape up your business, teams and meetings
to be Sharper, Focused and Impactful


By sharpening your sense of purpose
and adapting new ways of working/ thinking.

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A versatile change-agent and enabler, helping companies teams and individuals make an impact.

Facilitate Collaboration Superpower workshop and #MeetingSpicer workshops, Helping managers and team harness remote-working to enhance productivity and teamwork!
We focus on mindset and tools to build team cohesion and impact.
Workshops available online and on-site.​

Training Facilitator

The remote Meeting Spicer board.

Remote meetings are hard?
Try the new Remote Meeting Spicer Board.
Take 30 seconds to sharpen your meeting!


The Meeting Spicer

Finally available in!

The Meeting Spicer is a pool of micro-activities (of up to 30 seconds) designed to:

  1. Address team focus: help your team focus on a single aspect of meeting-dynamics at a time
  2. Support sustainable improvement: Improve your meetings in small focused steps
The Meeting Spicer

Make your work (remote) meetings sharp, effective and fun in just 60 seconds!

** During the Covid-19 crisis, we are proposing FREE SHIPPING in order to help further more those like us who want to keep on Spicing their meetings, even from home. **